Art that celebrates the F*CK out of your body


It was the most sensual, heart softening, nourishing ritual that I've ever experienced. Tamara is more than an artist. she is a sacred medicine woman here to hold the hands of her fellow sisters as they navigate their way back home to self love, acceptance and receivership


I have never had someone other than my partner or my doctor look at my vulva, so doing this was HUGE for me. Tamara helped me feel so comfortable and safe to relax and I am so inlove with my finished vulva cast!


I have always thought I had wonky and saggy breasts, but when a girlfriend sent me Naked Studio on IG I felt the pull to have my breasts cast. I was expecting to look at them and cringe, but the way Tamara has captured me, has helped me start to love my body again. I look at my breast cast all the time and think to myself excitedly 'I can't believe thats my body'



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Let go of shame,

Acknowledge every beautiful bump, crease and crevice on your magical body

Embrace your uniqueness,

Cultivate a relationship with the parts of you that are uniquely yours

Honour your miraculous body

Create a lasting and tangible memory of how powerful your body is.

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